10 Best Microsoft Apps to boost productivity in 2023

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In an era where the professional landscape is increasingly digital, the race to maximize productivity is on. Having the right productivity tools at your disposal is crucial in a world that demands efficiency and effectiveness in equal measure. This quest for productivity isn’t merely about diligently ticking off to-do lists but managing tasks and time more adeptly.

Microsoft, a leader in crafting top-of-the-line software solutions, offers a suite of applications geared toward enhancing your productivity. From coordinating with team members in real-time to managing your task lists with ease, these Microsoft productivity apps are a godsend for any professional. This guide explores the top 10 Microsoft productivity apps that are poised to amplify your productivity in 2023, whether you’re an individual trying to boost personal efficiency or a business attempting to streamline operations.

Microsoft Teams: For Seamless Collaboration and Communication

Get more done with Microsoft Teams

Leading the charge in the best Microsoft Teams apps for boosting productivity, Microsoft Teams is a collaborative hub within Microsoft 365. Available as a free app, it facilitates communication with your team members, hosts Zoom meetings, and grants access to Microsoft Office apps — all from a singular platform.

Microsoft Teams creates a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and collaborate on your business. Thanks to its real-time collaboration feature, you can simultaneously work on Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. This connectivity and easy collaboration are particularly beneficial for remote teams where keeping everyone on the same page, irrespective of their physical location, is crucial.

Furthermore, Teams also provides effortless access to a host of other tools, such as Google Workspace, directly from its interface. This easy access eliminates the need for switching between different apps, ensuring you achieve more in less time. Whether it’s a scheduled Zoom meeting with clients or sharing documents with team members, Teams has your collaboration needs covered.

Microsoft Teams also incorporates third-party applications, providing even more resources to bolster your productivity. With the recent integration of the Microsoft To-Do app, you can now keep track of your to-do lists within the Teams interface. This ensures you have one less tab to switch to, allowing you to utilize your time more efficiently. Also, Teams enables you to create different channels for different teams, ensuring conversations remain organized and focused.

Teams also features robust security measures, protecting your sensitive business plans and discussions from potential threats. Furthermore, the video calls feature provides a more personalized communication experience, perfect for brainstorming sessions, presentations, or quick check-ins with your remote teams.

To Do gives you focus, from work to play.

Microsoft To-Do emerges as one of the best productivity apps for streamlining your tasks. Far from being a basic to-do list app, Microsoft To-Do serves as a powerful productivity tool that effectively organizes your day.

Microsoft To-Do assists in managing, prioritizing, and completing your most critical tasks for the day. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, managing your obligations becomes easier than ever. From a clutter-free task management interface to intelligent task suggestions, this app helps you focus on the tasks that matter the most.

Furthermore, as a mobile app, Microsoft To-Do grants you the ability to access your to-do lists from any mobile device. The freedom to stay productive irrespective of location makes this a valuable resource. And the cherry on top? It’s a free app that requires only a free Microsoft account to begin organizing your day better.

Microsoft To-Do also supports file attachments, allowing you to link relevant documents and PDF files directly to your tasks. This way, you won’t have to spend extra time searching for a file related to a particular task. Plus, the “My Day” feature provides a daily snapshot of your tasks, helping you plan your day more effectively.

Another great feature is the shared lists option. You can share your to-do lists with team members, your family, or anyone else who needs to be in the loop. This is particularly useful when coordinating collaborative tasks or sharing shopping lists with your household.

Connect. Organize. Get things done.

Microsoft Outlook goes beyond the boundaries of a conventional email client; it’s a versatile personal information manager that also ranks as one of the best Windows productivity apps. From efficiently managing your emails, calendar, contacts, and tasks, Outlook helps you achieve more from a singular platform.

One of the standout features of Microsoft Outlook is its powerful calendar tool. The capability to share calendars, schedule meetings, and add appointments makes it an invaluable tool for professionals managing multiple commitments. Its seamless integration with other Microsoft productivity apps, like Teams and To-Do, enhances your ability to manage your work life effectively. This calendar app enables you to stay atop your schedule, coordinate with your team members, and organize Zoom meetings with ease.

Additionally, Outlook offers an impressive set of CRM productivity apps, proving a valuable asset in managing customer communications. With its unified view of emails, calendar, contacts, and files, it streamlines your interactions and ensures no important tasks slip through the cracks.

Microsoft Outlook also supports Google Drive and other cloud services, meaning you can send large files that might otherwise be restricted by email size limits. Furthermore, Outlook has a focused inbox feature that sorts your emails based on priority, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any critical emails amidst the clutter.

The mobile app version of Outlook ensures that you have access to your important emails and schedules even on the go. You can schedule emails to be sent later and use swipe gestures to quickly manage your inbox. With a streamlined user interface and intuitive design, the Outlook mobile app is a significant addition to your productivity suite.

Microsoft Edge isn’t just a web browser; it’s a productivity tool that comes with a range of features aimed at enhancing your web browsing experience. As a browser extension across various devices, Edge ensures you have easy access to your work, whether you’re using a Windows PC or mobile device.

Microsoft Edge’s standout feature is “Collections,” which allows you to collect and organize content from the web on your task lists. With the ability to import these collections directly into Microsoft Word or Excel, it offers a convenient way to organize content and ideas.

Also, with Microsoft Edge’s remote access feature, you can view and edit your Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in real time. Its integrated security features, smooth integration with Microsoft’s cloud services, and superior user experience make it one of the best productivity apps on the market.

One unique feature of Microsoft Edge is its immersive reader. This feature removes unnecessary distractions from web pages, enabling you to focus on the content. Also, it can read web content aloud, helping those with vision impairment or individuals who prefer audio learning.

Moreover, Edge’s “Profiles” feature can be a productivity boon. You can set up different profiles for your personal use and professional work, ensuring your bookmarks and settings remain separate and organized. With these features, Edge makes web browsing a productive and pleasant user experience.


create, share and collaborate all in one place with your favorite apps

Microsoft Office is a powerhouse in the realm of productivity suites, offering a range of apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. These Microsoft Office apps make it a breeze to draft detailed business plans, create compelling PowerPoint presentations, and conduct intricate data analyses with Excel.

Further, Office Online allows you to work on your documents from any browser extension, making it a truly versatile tool. Its seamless integration with other Microsoft productivity apps, like Teams and Planner, amplifies its efficiency.

In addition, you can unlock the full Microsoft Office suite by logging in with a free Microsoft account. From a start-up making its first business plans to a multinational corporation coordinating between different teams, the Microsoft Office suite has tools that cater to all professional needs.

Microsoft Office apps also offer numerous templates, which are a boon for quickly creating professional documents. From invoices to business plans, and from calendars to PowerPoint presentations, the suite provides a myriad of templates catering to various needs.

Moreover, Microsoft Office apps facilitate real-time collaboration, allowing multiple team members to work on a document simultaneously. You can see the changes others are making and receive notifications about comments or edits. This feature not only enhances collaboration but also ensures consistency and accuracy in shared documents.

Microsoft OneNote stands out as an all-encompassing note-taking app. From typing and drawing to clipping things from the web, OneNote acts as your digital notebook.

With the OneNote Web Clipper browser extension, you can quickly save web pages or part of a page to OneNote with a single click. You can also organize your notes with sticky notes, and thanks to its integration with other Office apps, you can even embed Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations into your notes. This easy organization, paired with the app’s customizable features, makes OneNote one of the best productivity apps.

OneNote app on a tablet, your notes are updated and available across all your devices. This easy access means your ideas, agendas, and minutes are always with you, whether you’re on a work trip or juggling responsibilities between different work stations.

OneNote also integrates with other Microsoft Office apps for maximum efficiency. For instance, if you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you can take notes in OneNote, and they will be automatically attached to the meeting invite in Outlook.

A simple, visual way to organize teamwork.

When it comes to coordinating team tasks and keeping track of project progress, Microsoft Planner is a standout project management tool. As part of the Microsoft productivity suite, Planner is designed for teamwork, allowing you to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress all from one location.

The Kanban board layout provides a clear visual of the tasks ahead, and the ability to attach PDF files and other documents to tasks means all the relevant information is always at your fingertips. The best part? You can access Microsoft Planner from your mobile device or Windows PC, so you always have easy access to your tasks, no matter where you are.

Microsoft Planner’s utility extends beyond creating plans and assigning tasks. It allows you to attach files to a particular task, and these can be shared with your team members working on the same task. So, whether it’s a detailed project report or an image related to your task, everything stays organized in one place.

Planner also lets you create different buckets for tasks, helping to sort tasks based on priority or department. Moreover, with its mobile app, you can stay connected to your tasks and team members anytime, anywhere.

increasing efficiency and reducing costs

Formerly known as Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Power Automate is an intelligent productivity tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks and processes. From saving email attachments to Google Drive to creating tasks in your to-do list based on certain triggers, Power Automate does it all.

This allows you to get more done in less time, freeing you up to focus on the tasks that require your expertise. And, of course, like other Microsoft productivity apps, Power Automate integrates seamlessly with the rest of the suite, meaning you can create automated workflows that perfectly suit your work style.

Power Automate helps bridge the gap between different online apps, allowing you to create workflows. For instance, you can automate moving files from your email to Google Drive, or updating your task lists in Microsoft To-Do whenever you receive a new assignment via email.

The best part about Power Automate is that it doesn’t require any coding skills. With a simple, user-friendly interface, you can easily automate your tasks and make your work life more efficient.

Create rich, interactive data visualisations from multiple data sources

In today’s business world, data is king. Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics tool that brings your company’s data to life, offering interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities that help drive your business forward.

Power BI can connect to a wide range of data sources, from Excel spreadsheets to on-premises SQL Server databases to cloud services like Google Workspace. By collecting, analyzing, and visualizing your company’s data, Power BI helps you make informed, data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and efficiency in the process.

With Power BI, you can create custom dashboards displaying the key metrics and data trends. This can be especially useful during team meetings where data-driven decisions need to be made.

In addition, Power BI also allows you to create interactive reports. These reports can be easily shared with your team members and stakeholders, making it easier to keep everyone on the same page.

Microsoft’s Phone link is a phone companion app that bridges the gap between your Windows PC and mobile device. You can access your smartphone’s notifications, messages, and apps directly from your computer, meaning you can stay productive without constantly checking your phone.

With the Your Phone app, you can manage your phone’s notifications from your PC, reply to messages, and even make calls. You can also drag and drop photos and screenshots from your phone to your PC, and mirror your phone’s screen to your computer. This easy access to your mobile device directly from your Windows PC makes Microsoft Your Phone a standout tool in the Microsoft productivity suite.

The Your Phone app isn’t just for managing notifications and messages; you can also make and receive calls on your PC, routed via your mobile device. This ensures you don’t miss any important calls even while you’re working on your PC.

Furthermore, the phone companion app also allows you to access your mobile apps on your PC. This can be especially handy when you want to quickly check something on an app without having to reach for your mobile device.


Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps offers a wide range of tools designed to boost productivity, whether you’re working alone or as part of a team. From note-taking and task management to automation and data analysis, these apps provide the features you need to get more done in less time.

And, with the majority of these apps available for free with a Microsoft account, it’s never been easier or more affordable to take your productivity to the next level. So why wait? Head to the Microsoft Store, download these apps, and start achieving more today.

Remember, productivity is more than just being busy – it’s about working smarter, not harder. With these Microsoft productivity apps at your fingertips, you’ll be well-equipped to do just that. Whether you’re working from home or in the office, these tools will help you stay on top of your workload, collaborate effectively with your team, and keep track of important tasks and deadlines. So why wait? Start exploring these apps today.

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